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AUDEE reinvents the classic square silk scarf with beautifully abstract, nature-inspired designs to wrap playfully around your life.

I’m Odette, also known by some as O.D., from where my silk scarf brand gets its name; AUDEE.

I’m a mother, a lover, a dreamer, a photographer and a designer. AUDEE brings together my playfully abstract approach to photography, a longing for slow, meaningful fashion and a desire for a less hectic, more conscious lifestyle after the birth of my son.

My goal is to empower women to express themselves in a ‘wearing-your-heart-on-your-sleeve’ kind of way… It’s not about living up to others’ expectations of who you should be. It’s about showing the world who you are and having absolutely no shame in doing so. Because we deserve to feel good about who we are. And letting ourselves shine through in the fashion choices we make is one of life’s simple pleasures.  
In today’s world of mindless consumption, what’s important to me is to follow your own path, make conscious decisions and not be afraid to be yourself. This is at the heart of what AUDEE stands for.

Featuring AUDEE’s exclusive abstract prints

With nature as my starting point, through my photography I search for patterns, movement, and organic forms that come together in a beautiful unity. These are the basis for the imagery found on AUDEE’s silk scarves.

I explore new shapes found in the multiple layers created by the photographic technique I use, transforming the details of plants, flowers and trees into intriguing new patterns and structures, creating confusion in what we see, challenging expectations.

This is what makes AUDEE scarves so unique, bold and beautiful.

Photo by Ricard Nuñez Casanovas


AUDEE’s story begins on the Italian island of Elba

I’d gone to work on my photography portfolio, to experiment free from the confines of what I knew and the portraits and landscapes I’d been used to working on. The time and distance was invaluable, and focusing fully on myself I began to develop a new style of my own.

On returning to the Netherlands it all started to happen. My work was featured in New Dutch Photography Talent, an edition of GUP Magazine, i-D Magazine and in the VPRO Gids. I exhibited at various venues including the Volkshotel and Glassworks in Amsterdam. Together with Syrious Mission I travelled to Jordan to give photography lessons to Syrian children who’d fled the civil war. Opportunities that were both exciting and humbling.


But as my photography portfolio grew, a little voice at the back of my mind persisted in asking; ‘Why do you take photos? What’s the story you’re trying to tell? Is this how you want to do it?’.  

After some time questioning my motives, I had a revelation when I was speaking at one of my solo exhibitions. When asked why I do what I do, I responded: ‘To surprise myself and others, to wonder,' something that hadn’t been clear to me until I said it aloud... I knew I loved creating images, but I needed to find a way to use my photography that was both creative and practical, while allowing me to maintain my curiosity, to play and discover.

When 18 months later I fell pregnant, I had another revelation. My partner and I knew we needed to change things, to step away from our hectic jobs in exchange for a more simple life, with more time to spend together as a new family. And so we decided to move for a while to a quiet village in Spain, close to my partner’s family.

There, my need to take my photography forward in a new and exciting way finally had the space to grow. I started to build my own company. A silk scarf label with my own unique photographic prints, designed for women who choose a slower, stylish and more conscious approach to fashion, and life.

AUDEE allows me to bring together my need to create, to play with the photographic image, to amaze and surprise myself, and hopefully you, too. My silk scarves are at once beautiful and practical: in wearing them we bring intriguing abstract imagery into our everyday lives while showing a little something of who we are, inside-out.

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